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MAY 2020

Australian Air Power Today is Australia’s leading air force magazine reporting all of the latest Australian aviation news. We are the most read RAAF magazine with serving servicemen and women who are looking for a reliable air force news magazine. Our objective is to provide unbiased, trustworthy news about the latest in the aviation, defense and space industry.

After previously producing Wings magazine for over 30 years, we decided that we needed a dedicated aviation magazine that could double up as a defence news and a space industry magazine. It was reflected in a change of structure and direction to focus on more up-to-date air force and defence. We believe that we will quickly establish ourselves as the leading Australian aviation magazine.

Finding a quality military aviation magazine can be challenging, so our objective is to provide an informative Australian aviation mag. We now focus more on current issues affecting the Australian Air Force so immediately enlisted the help of Mark Eaton, who is based out of No 28 Squadron Canberra to become editor-in-chief. Mark was previously the editor of Wings magazine.

We are a quarterly air force magazine with an additional quarterly newsletter, so you know that your inbox won’t be bombarded with incessant emails. We will only provide information on the latest Australian aviation news and the topics that you are interested in. We are solely an air force news magazine, so we don’t venture into unrelated issues. As a respected defense news magazine and space industry magazine, we only publish articles on topics that we believe have a close correlation with the RAAF.

Our Australian aviation mag will provide you with details connected to global air shows along with information regarding the RAAF, ADF and the Australian space industry. The information that we pass on to our readers makes us stand out as an informative RAAF magazine proving to be more popular than other Royal Air Force magazines. Each issue will also feature a relocation article and a transition from “deployment to employed article, including upcoming transition seminars across the country.

On our website, you will be able to review all of our previous editions as well as being able to read the latest air force news. Our website is being updated continuously to provide you with the news that you demand. We have news from home and abroad, so you know that there will be something that appeals to you.

If you would like to join our magazine and subscribe to receiving both conventional and digital editions, we would be delighted to receive your support. If you have an exciting story that you think would capture the imagination of our readership, you can contact Mark Eaton at, or if you are interested in advertising with us, you can contact Sharon Pace on Alternatively, you can call our NSW office on 61 2 9386 4213.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Our History

After producing Wings for the last 30 years, the magazine is making significant changes to its structure and moving in a direction to focus on supporting veterans and their families.

Out of these structural changes enters the Australian Air Power Today which will focus on more current issues affecting the Austrailan Air Force. Mark Eaton based out of No 28 Squadron Canberra, and former editor of Wings will come on board as editor-in-chief.

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