The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has successfully completed the first two exercises in the 2022 Diamond Series for the third biennial Air Warfare Instructor Course (AWIC). Exercise Diamond Shield, the second of the three exercises, concluded in April 2022.

AWIC aims to provide commanders with expertise in harnessing the combat potential of integrated air, space and cyber capabilities to support the joint force.

Conducted over land and sea along the Eastern Australian Exercise Area, Exercise Diamond Seas provided AWIC candidates with important air-maritime integration training and defensive counter air training.

Exercise Director, Group Captain Matthew Harper, said the Diamond Series of exercises enhances and promotes Air Force’s interoperability with the Royal Australian Navy, Australian Army and international partners.

“AWIC22 encompasses a range of academic activities and practical exercises that expose the candidates to complex scenarios,” Group Captain Harper said.

 “Exercise Diamond Shield established high-end warfighting scenarios which challenged AWIC candidates to maintain control of the air whilst integrating with multiple Air Force platforms and ground elements.

“The presence of the United States Air Force F-16C Fighting Falcon challenged our candidates to overcome an adversary with unfamiliar capabilities.

AWIC is a six month course of high-intensity training, integrating warfighting functions across a range of specialisations within the Air Force. It is tailored to meet the specific requirements of Air Force capability, aimed at broadening and improving skills.

Upon graduating from the AWIC the air warfare instructors can apply their newly developed skills in assisting Air Force to deliver air power as part of the joint force.

Exercise Diamond Storm is the final exercise in the series and will be conducted in the Northern Territory of Australia during May and June 2022. Diamond Storm will act as a culminating activity where AWIC candidates will be expected to apply the lessons from Exercises Diamond Seas and Shield to achieve mission success.

Training exercises such as the Diamond Series help ensure the Australian Defence Force remain in a ready state of preparedness to protect Australia and its national interests.

Picture (l-r) Royal Australian Air Force aviators Corporal Chathuri Rogers and Leading Aircraftwoman Mary-Anne Bryce from No. 3 Control and Reporting Unit in front of the AN/TPS-77 Tactical Air Defence Radar System at Old Bar airfield, north of Newcastle, New South Wales, during Exercise Diamond Shield 2022. Defence image.