It is well understood that the transition period from service into civilian life and the process of reestablishing a new career pathway can be highly stressful for some.  The reality is, the stress and angst associated to finding a new job, changing jobs or changing industries can continue long after one transitions out of Defence.

The RSL Veterans’ Employment Program was established to provide a free national service supporting veterans and their families into meaningful work.  The goal is not about finding candidates ‘a job’ but to help develop a toolbox of skills so they can find the ‘right’ job that is rewarding and purposeful.

With funding from the Australian Government, the RSL Veterans’ Employment Program supports not only veterans, but their partners, immediately family members and the family members of those currently serving in Defence, by providing tailored solutions to suit the individual needs of those who register with the Program.  

Some of the reasons people seek out employment support:

  • Looking to change roles or find a role that suits a new life stage
  • Have been out of work for some time and unsure what direction to take next
  • Planning to relocate and looking for work in a new area
  • Looking for a different work structure (ie full-time, part time, flexi or volunteer type roles)
  • Looking to upskill, or retrain into a new field of interest
  • Have working age children, who need career guidance
  • Have partners or spouses wanting to return to the workforce after taking some time out

Free services the RSL Veterans’ Employment Program offers:

  • Career counselling and guidance to help work out what the next steps are to finding a rewarding role
  • Connections through our employer network: We work with a wide range of employers who are interested in employing and supporting veterans in the workforce. Often our partners are veterans themselves and truly understand the value and skills a fellow veteran brings to a company – or they are eager to support the families of those who’ve served.
  • Help in the preparation of CVs and Cover Letters: Over time, best practice in the format, language and approach to CVs and Cover Letters evolves, so it is important to keep a CV up to date and to get it reviewed by a professional periodically. The Program will also assist in translating military qualifications and skills into civilian terminology that will resonate with your next employer.   
  • Interview preparation and training:  Once you land an interview,securing a job will come down to how well you perform in an interview situation. Our program assists candidates in their preparation to ensure they shine on the day and have the best chance at landing their next job.
  • Pathways programs for upskilling and retraining are available for candidates who need to develop or improve a base skill-level to pursue a career pathway. These are assessed case by case.

How to get involved?

  1. Register your interest online via:
  • We’ll get in touch to confirm your eligibility
  • You’ll be connected to a Case Navigator who will assess your needs and start the journey with you. In some cases, we partner with Employment specialists to ensure you get the best support for your specific needs.

Make your move today!